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Booking and Cancellation Policy:

Our aim is to provided excellent clinical care to our patients.


Before making an appointment, please make yourself aware of our cancellation policy. 

Treatment Fees

By making an appointment, I understand that all payments for services at Rae’s Anatomy Physiotherapy are my responsibility. If my claim is to be submitted to an outside agency for payment, and for reason the third party, such as insurance provider or employer denies or refuses to pay for for the full amount I am billed,  I am responsible for payment.

I understand I am responsible for paying any excess or any outstanding balance due that your insurance company (if you are using one) does not cover for any reason.


Cancellation Policy

We request that you please give provide Rae's Anatomy Physiotherapy with 24 hours notice in the event that you cannot attend your scheduled appointment slot. This allows another patient to be scheduled into that appointment slot time. If a patient misses an appointment without contacting the clinic, this is considered a missed appointment and a full standard fee will be charged. Please be aware that your insurance provider will not cover that fee and you will have to pay us directly.

If you arrive late for your appointment, we will do our best to deliver your full appointment slot time but please bear in mind this may not be possible and your full appointment fee will stand.

To assist you, Rae’s Anatomy Physiotherapy provided an appointment reminder service on booking of your appointment and by email 48 hours before the next scheduled appointment, unless you tell us that you wish to opt out of this service. Please make sure you read your email reminder when you receive it to check that the day and time are correct. ​

Please note that this service is provided by a third party and Rae’s Anatomy Physiotherapy cannot accept liability if you do not receive an appropriate email.

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